Happy Monday and hope you had a nice weekend!  Mine was busy and I was not able to spend as much time as had been planned working on crafts.  The rain arrived later than predicted so time was spent on other weekend activities.  When it did start raining, I decided to reorganize my craft area.  What began as a small chore became “huge” so precious time was spent organizing and not crafting.  Doesn’t it seem that “time flies”? Enough with organizing and on to creating projects for Mishmash Monday.  The planned projects were note cards and card candy (more on that to come). Below you will see examples of two of the note cards prepared.  I wanted to keep them simple and the 3″ x 3″ size is perfect for when you want to write a line or two to accompany a gift.  Later this week, I will share more note card samples.

3″ x 3″ Note Cards

Now to discuss the card candy…I prepared several samples of card candy (you know, the little extras to add to a card) and in a rush, did not realize that I had inadvertently touched ink.  Well, yes, you’ve guessed it – I had ink on my fingers and touched the samples!!!  Lesson learned – make sure hands are clean before picking up finished samples.  All is not lost though as I will rework the samples and share them with you on Thursday. 

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Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check in again this week for “Creation Thursday”.
Until then, have a good week!